Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Unlikely for Chalabi in Iraq

Now that the end game has commenced, the quagmire of winning the peace in Iraq can begin.

Who is this Chalabi guy in the South of the Iraq. ? CNN TV gives him the caption of "Leader of Iraqi National Congress" but he was demoded in 1999 to a regular member and his leadership post replaced by a 7-member council of Iraqui exhiled-group leaders.

I persisit in being mesmerized (ever heard of good old Dr. Mesmer, charlatan or hypnotist?) by this war as a moment in history and for the sake of my children's futures as "global citizens." If we are to spread democratic capitalism by "force" rather than insinuate western culture through the beacon of our much sought products (movies, technologies, pharmceuticals) what will that mean for the next generation of Western or US leaders; i.e my children. How can I temper the bogus civics lessons promulgated by the pc school system with one of accountability, social justice and intellectual criticism? A first step for me is being perfectly clear in my own head on history in the making, i.e this war.

The US wants Iraqi "uprisings" against Saddaam, but they may not want them against Chalabi? Supposedly the State Dept. doesn't trust this London resident, British citizen saddled with a Jordanian conviction for bank fraud. Perhaps they see him as easy pickings for early assassination while they assess factional strengths and pick their real horse.

Hmmmm.... these are just today's musings.

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